Graphic & Motion Graphics Designer

Kentucky Children's Hospital

Project: Animal Environment, interactive game design
Client: Kentucky Children's Hospital
Production Company: SPYE
My Role: Style framing, animation direction, and character rigging


Animal Environment is a set of four interactive games designed and developed primarily for children. It is running on a 4x4 video wall installed at the Kentucky Children's Hospital. The game uses a Kinect to track motions and movements of children to let the programmed animals inside the scenes chase and interact with children. The idea is to create a fun and playful environment inside the hospital.


Four environments—Jungle, Woodland, Ocean, and River

Each environment contains a background animation, ambient animal animations, programmed animals, and programmed foreground animations. The style and design were created based off some of the existing wall papers inside the hospital.







Programmed characters

Below are the skeletal animations of the 12 animals made for the interactive games. They were illustrated in Illustrator, rigged and animated in Spine 2D, and then programmed to track and follow players.

*For a optimized loading speed, the image compression of the animals below were set to high.


Behind the scenes

The video is a short explanation of the character animation process and some shots of people testing the four animal environments games on the temporary installation, which was step up in the testing area inside the company.